Children's Literacy Round-Up: May 5
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Book-Related News About Univ. of Texas

Yesterday I wrote about some book-related news stories that struck particularly close to home for me. I noted at the end of the article that "(a)t least I haven't heard of any book-related scandals associated with The University of Texas at Austin, or The University of Massachusetts at Amherst, my other two alma maters."

Chris Barton was kind enough to comment this morning, and bring to my attention a book-related story about The University of Texas. It seems that the UT Undergraduate library no longer contains any actual books. Last summer, all 90,000 volumes were transferred to other libraries, and the library was renamed the Flawn Academic Center. Apparently, books are no longer considered essential to undergraduate college learning, to be replaced instead with comfortable chairs, computers, and a cafe. So basically, they turned the undergraduate library into a particularly well-equipped Starbucks.

I wonder if anyone has missed the books? I know that when I was an undergraduate I would wander around the stacks of the various libraries at Duke, finding things of interest. Of course I didn't have a laptop then. Sigh!

But I do thank Chris for bringing the story to my attention. I'm afraid to Google to see what unhappy book news there is at UMass...