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Children's Literacy Round-Up: May 12

Here is the children's literacy-related news that caught my eye this week:

  • "ProLiteracy, a non-profit literacy group based in New York, thinks introducing boys to comic books sometimes sparks a life-long interest in reading, so it has helped organized an event today (May 5th) to allow families to pick up free comic books at stores (in New York) and across the nation." You can read about it here and here. I think that anything that makes more boys want to read is a good idea.
  • USA Today had a nice article on May 7th about parent-child reading groups. My favorite quote from the article is "Reading has become very cool for kids, says Joe Monti, a Barnes & Noble children's book buyer in New York. "The stereotype of being a big loser if you have your nose stuck in a book is completely gone," Monti says. "There's an atmosphere of excitement when a highly anticipated new book comes out."" Happy news indeed! I hope that it's true. 
  • Grand Rapids, Michigan is giving local students a free ride to the library, so that high gas prices don't keep kids from having access to books over the summer. Students are issued vouchers for free bus rides (for the child and a parent). "The goal is to spark a love of books that will keep children reading throughout the summer." The full article (from the Grand Rapids Press) is here.

Have a great weekend! Jen