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City-Wide Reading of a Children's Book

I'm always saying that adults should consider reading children's books. So I was pleased to see this article in the Salisbury Journal about a Salisbury, England reading initiative. Thousands of free children's books are being distributed to local citizens as part of "an exciting initiative to get people across Salisbury reading and talking about the same book".

The novel chosen for the project is a book called Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. "Kensuke's Kingdom is a children's book but organisers of Salisbury Reads believe that adults will love the exciting tale, too." Some of the copies of the books are being distributed at schools, but others are being left lying about in public places like parks, with the hope that people will pick them up and start reading. What a fun program! You can find more information on the Salisbury Reads website. This book is available in the U.S., and I've added it to my to read list, too.