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Encouraging Kids to Love Books - from Shannon Hale

Author Shannon Hale published a great list on her website this weekend: 10 Ways Parents (inadvertently) Discourage Their Kids from Being Readers. I think that every should read this list: parents, teachers, librarians, and kids themselves. My favorite item on the list is item #7, parents that don't "read the books their kids are reading." I think that reading the books that your kids read, as much as you can, is a great way to keep them reading. And you get to read great books yourself, too. But you should head on over and read the full list.

I was especially encouraged by the large number of comments already attached to this post. The thing that seemed to touch a nerve for a lot of people was Shannon's last and strongest point, that parents shouldn't tell kids that a particular book or genre is too young for them. Quite a number of people of various ages wrote in to say that they like to read children's or young adult books, despite being officially too old for them. One sixteen year old wrote in to lament the fact that his teacher pushes him to read adult works, instead of young adult literature, even though he enjoys young adult literature (sigh!). But on a brighter note, a fourteen year old wrote about how she's already thinking about how much she wants her future children to love books, and how important that it to her. It's wonderful stuff to start a new week!

I learned about this list from Liz at A Chair, A Fireplace and a Tea Cozy. Liz especially likes the list because it doesn't bash television as an easy target for this complex problem. Thanks, Liz!

I'm really going to have to read Princess Academy now. It was already on my list, but now I'm officially a Shannon Hale fan, so I'll be moving it to the top. Have a great week, all!