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Lost Weaves Love of Books into Plot

I've written before about how characters on the television show Lost regularly mention books, including children's books. In the most recent episode, the producers actually wove Sawyer's love of books right into the plot. You see, Hurley recently discovered a book manuscript. In this episode, some of the other characters approach Sawyer, needing something from him that he's unwilling to give them. They find him reading the manuscript, with about 10 pages remaining. He tries to put them off, telling them that he's near the end of the story, and wants to finish it. So Jack takes the manuscript and throws it into the fire, manipulating Sawyer by taking away what he really cares about - a good story.

I was, of course, horrified at the idea of burning the manuscript, and people on the island never knowing how the story ended. But I did like the fact that Sawyer's love of books is such a known part of his personality that it can actually be used against him. I didn't like that it was used against him (I'll never see Jack the same way), but I like the reinforcement of it being part of his personality.

In an unusual television tie-in, the book from the manuscript in question has just been published. Amazon says: "Author Gary Troup delivered the manuscript for his hotly anticipated thriller, Bad Twin just days before he boarded doomed Oceanic Flight 815." It's not about the Lost story, but rumor has it that the book contains some hints and/or parallels. Lost fanatics must believe this, because the book was #9 on Amazon yesterday, and already has 10 reviews, after being published on May 2nd. All I have to say is, the writers and producers of Lost really like books. I'd watch the show anyway, but the whole book thing definitely makes it more rewarding for me. If you've read Bad Twin, I'd love to know what you think.