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48 Hour Book Challenge from MotherReader

MotherReader has issued a challenge for kid lit readers and reviewers everywhere. She asks how many books you could read and review in a 48-hour period, over the weekend of June 16th. Visit her original post for the details and to sign up.

I'm definitely in. I've noticed that my book reading has declined a bit, since I started blogging, because I spend time blogging that I would have previously spent reading. I've also noticed that the best reviews that I write are the ones that I write as soon as I finish the book, without letting a few days go by. So, this is a good excuse to read a lot of books, and review them all right away. Happily for me, Mheir is on call that weekend, so I should have plenty of time for reading, too.

Could be a tough week for Kelly to do her round-up of kid lit reviews. But I'm sure she's up for that challenge.

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