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Sunday Afternoon Visits

In earlier societies, people probably actually visited one another on Sunday afternoons, after church. I'm not sure what it says about me that I'm spending my Sunday afternoon visiting virtual friends, most of whom I've never met, across the Internet. But I like it! Here are some posts from the week that caught my eye:

  • Liz B. at A Chair, A Fireplace and A Tea Cozy has an interesting post about how she goes about writing her blog articles. You can find my thoughts on the subject in Liz's comments section. I also liked Liz's review of Once Upon Stilettos.
  • I missed Poetry Friday this week, because I was having a very hectic workday. But you can find a list of entries, along with Liz's own entry (Byron, no less!) here, or on Big A little a. I especially enjoyed Susan's poem about tea at Chicken Spaghetti.
  • While on the subject of poetry, Kids Lit links to a cool site called the Children's Poetry Archive. And we all know that Tasha has excellent taste, so this poetry site is clearly well worth your time.
  • Kelly at Big A little a links to a wonderful story about Beverly Cleary in the May 6th San Francisco Chronicle. My favorite part is where the person the Ms. Cleary has selected to finally produce a Ramona movie "brought her elementary school book report on Ramona and Her Father to prove to Beverly that she was a longtime fan." I just love that! Kelly always finds the good children's book-related stories on the weekends. She also links to a nice profile of picture book author Shirley Hughes, which made me want to read the Alfie books.
  • Kelly also has a list of the U.K. Carnegie and Greenway medal finalists, with notes about the availability of U.S. published versions of the books.
  • Wendy at Blog from the Windowsill is reviewing foster care books in honor of foster care month (are there any months that don't have a theme?). Wendy starts with a review of Adam & Eve and Pinch-Me. Wendy also notes that her bibliography of children's books with gay characters is getting extra hits, but fears that the hits may be from people looking for books to ban. Sigh!
  • I noticed on Sue Corbett's Amazon blog that 12 Again won the California Young Readers Medal in the intermediate category. I haven't read 12 Again, but I recently reviewed Sue's more recent book, Free Baseball (here). Cynsations also wrote about this, and has an interview with Sue Corbett.
  • Louise at Students for Literacy Ottawa links to a news story about encouraging boys to read. Louise always has lots of good links to stories about reading and literacy, and somehow manages to keep up with what's going on with the blog world, too.
  • Congratulations to Emily at Swarm of Beasts, who has just been offered, and accepted, her first professional librarian position. I hope that her reviews remain as opinionated as they are now! (As in, regarding Whittington, "Usually I can at least understand where the Newbery judges are coming from. I may not agree all the time, but I can certainly see a book's virtues most of the time. With this one, I can only ask, what were they smoking?" You have to laugh.
  • Meg Cabot (whose books I adore) has a great discussion of plagiarism vs. creating work yourself, and of being an overnight sensation vs. practicing until you get better.
  • Rick Riordan (whose books I also love) shares Sea of Monsters placemat art from kids at a school that he visited. His blog is nowhere near as chatty as Meg Cabot's, but he clearly enjoys spending time with his fans.
  • This week, Jen Rouse posted her responses to some questions that I had asked in an earlier post (what books would you like to live in, what fictional schools would you like to have attended, etc.). Jen's got some great ideas! The original concept was inspired by a post at Blog from the Windowsill.

And that's quite enough for one day! It's been fun visiting with you all. Have a great week!