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Two New Websites for Dyslexia Organizations

The 35-year-old Dyslexia Foundation of Memphis has recently set up a website. "The Foundation offers remediation for children with average to superior intelligence who have been founded to have one of the forms of Dyslexia." Their website has lots of useful publications about dyslexia, ADD, and other learning disabilities. I particularly enjoyed their list of famous people who are reported to have or have had dyslexia. It almost makes you wonder if you have to be dyslexic to accomplish anything. They also have an extensive set of links to other useful websites.

The Golden Triangle Dyslexia Foundation started more recently, when a group of parents from Columbus, Mississippi decided to start a program similar to the Foundation in Memphis, but closer to home. Their list of resources and links isn't quite so extensive yet, but they have a nice sidebar with links to recent news articles about dyslexia.

Both of these programs are excellent resources for information about dyslexia and other learning disabilities, especially for people in the Memphis or Columbus areas.