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Children's Literacy Round-Up: June 17

Here are a couple of literacy-related stories from the wires this week:

  • I learned from a story at NorthJersey.com that Highlights Magazine will print it's billionth copy this week. Highlights Magazine was started 60 years ago, by retired Pennsylvania teachers Garry Cleveland Myers and his wife, Caroline. My favorite quote from the article: ""All that we do -- and will do over the next 60 years -- will focus on helping children in their development of creativity, sensitivity, literacy, and ability to think and reason," said Highlights CEO Kent S. Johnson, a great-grandson of the founders."
  • I read in a June 14th article in the Salem, NJ Sunbeam about a new joint effort by the United Way and Salem County 2000 to encourage parents to read to their children. The two groups have placed "Book Banks" (bookshelves containing children's books) at strategic locations around the county: hospitals, doctor's offices, the county correctional facility, etc. The idea is to provide books in places where parents often end up spending time waiting with their kids, so that they can use the time to read together. What a great idea!