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Children's Literacy Round-Up: June 2

Poetry Friday: Emily of New Moon

In honor of my recent Cool Girls of Kid Lit obsession, I bring you a poem by Emily of New Moon. (Well, technically by L. M. Montgomery, I suppose, but she gives Emily the credit.). From chapter 10:

"Buttercup, flower of the yellow dye,
I see thy cheerful face
Greeting and nodding everywhere
Careless of time and place.

In boggy field or public road
Or cultured garden's pale
You sport your petals satin-soft,
And down within the vale.

You cast your loveliness around
Where'er you chance to be,
And you shall always, buttercup,
Be a flower dear to me."

UPDATE: Here are some other Poetry Friday entries for this week. If I missed you, please let me know.