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Cool Teachers from Children's Lit

OK, this one isn't my list. But I did want to bring it to your attention. Mary Lee and Franki are two teachers who have a blog called A Year of Reading. Over the course of this year, they hope to read the book that ends up winning the Newbery. Not to pick it, just to have read it.

Over the weekend, partly inspired by the Cool Girls and Cool Boys of Children's Literature, Mary Lee and Franki started a list of Cool Teachers of Children's Literature. They hope to get the list up to 100 "thoughtful teachers who understand kids and learning and are active, intelligent people who love their work." I know that there are many such teachers in real life - let's help Franki and Mary Lee to find them in literature. If you have suggestions, you can add them as comments to the original post on A Year of Reading (don't put them here, because it's not my list).

Maybe someone should also start a list of cool librarians of children's literature... Just a thought, for all you librarians out there.