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School Library Journal Interview for MotherReader

Congratulations to MotherReader, who is now officially famous for creating and hosting the 48 Hour Book Challenge last month. MotherReader was interviewed about the book challenge in a recent School Library Journal article. Her picture is even included, so you should definitely go over and check it out.

I'm also a tiny bit famous by association, because MotherReader was kind enough to mention me in the interview. It's so much fun to get credit for reading and reviewing books, something that I love to do anyway. She also mentioned Midwestern Lodestar (overall winner and reviewer of the most books) and Little Willow (winner in the alternate challenge category). In case you were wondering, I won the "has too much time on her hands award", I mean, spent the most time reading and blogging besides our illustrious organizer, MotherReader herself.

Here are some other sites that I noticed that wrote about the SLJ article: A Chair, A Fireplace and a Tea Cozy, A Fuse #8 Production, Wands and Worlds, and Finding Wonderland. As Miss Fuse said "it's nice to see children's literature blogs getting such attention." I'm sure that the trend will continue!

I also recommend that you check out the new look on MotherReader's blog, especially the excellent 48 Hour Book Challenge logo.

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