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BlogHer Conference Report

Travels and Greetings

I'm going to be traveling again for the next week, so my blog posts will probably be sparse, but I have left a couple of reviews set up to post for you during the week. And I'll check in when I can. I'll also be attending the BlogHer conference tomorrow, but I'll probably be delayed in posting about that, too.

What I can report to you now is that I had lunch with Kelly Herold from Big A little a in San Jose today. It was so nice to meet her in person, and talk with her about books and blogging and careers. I think that she's going to post a picture of us on her blog sometime soon. Thanks, Kelly!

Oh, and one final thought for your reading pleasure. Check out the Saturday link festival at Semicolon. Sherry has set up a cute little form by which you can submit your best book review of the week for inclusion. It's well worth checking out. 

Have a great week everyone, and I'll check back in with you just as soon as I can.