Saturday Afternoon Visits: August 26
A Good Week for Books

A Bit More about Adults and Young Adult Books

I wrote a bit last week (as did many others) about adults reading young adult books (here, for instance). I don't have anything new to say on it myself at the moment. But I do want to call two new posts to your attention:

  • Colleen Mondor at Chasing Ray weighs in on the discussion over at The Elegant Variation concerning whether or not young adult literature is equal to adult literature. She concludes, regarding genre classification: "it means nothing people. Or at least, it means nothing to those of us who choose to ignore it." As a long-time mystery reader, I appreciated Colleen's comments in defense of the genres.
  • Wendy Betts at Blog from the Windowsill takes up a point made by Roger Sutton that young adult readers to need to transition at some point to reading adult books. She shares her own experiences in moving on as a reader, and asks: "If you're an adult, how did you transition? What will you help your young adult kids find to read?"

Both posts make some excellent points, and are well worth your time.

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