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Children's Literacy Round-Up: August 21

Here are some children's literacy-related new stories of interest:

  • There's a nice guest commentary in the August 14th Greeley Tribune (Colorado) from a long-time literacy advocate and volunteer. Dr. Jerry Weil noticed, when his first grandchild was born, "the tremendous attention span she showed when looking at pictures and being read to." It occurred to him that not all children had such opportunities (from being read to at a very young age), and he decided to start volunteering to change the situation. It's an inspiring story.
  • I also enjoyed an August 16th article in the Elmira Star-Gazette about a summer reading camp. "The six-week summer school program that focused on improving children's literacy skills also had a recreational, camp theme." Now that sounds like a camp that I would have enjoyed as a kid!
  • Earlier this month, the Kansas City Reach Out and Read program (by which pediatricians give books to children at each of their well-child visits) gave out it's 250,000th book. You can read more in this August 18th article from the Kansas City Kansan.
  • There's a nice August 20th article by Dr. Jacob K. Felix in the Elmira Star-Gazette (New York) about the local Books at Birth program. "Books at Birth is a literacy program started this spring by the Family Reading Partnership of Chemung Valley, the Comprehensive Interdisciplinary Developmental Services Agency, nurse practitioners from Southern Tier Pediatrics and RSVP. It provides a free book to everyone who gives birth at the Arnot Ogden Medical Center." The idea is for parents to have at least one book as soon as they bring their baby home, and to encourage them to read to the baby starting right away.
  • Finally, a very short piece in the August 19th Molokai Island Times (Hawaii) describes two volunteers whose mission is to "get outside and read." Two local senior citizens "recently re-started the once popular "Reading Partners Program," and are volunteering their time and wisdom to the children." They sit outside of the library with a pile of books, and encourage kids (and adults) to stop by to read with them. So very Hawaii, isn't it? Way cool!

That's all for now. My Google Alerts seem to have stopped showing up for some reason, but I'm sure that I'll be back with more soon. Happy reading!