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Happy BlogDay

I was tagged by Nancy at Journey Woman for BlogDay 2006. I'm a bit late, but it's still August 30th in California for a bit longer, so I decided to slide my entry in under the wire. The rules are:

  1. Find five new blogs that you find interesting.
  2. Notify the five bloggers that you're recommending them on BlogDay 2006.
  3. Write a BlogDay post today with a short description of each blog, and a link back to each one.
  4. Add a BlogDay 2006 Technorati tag and/or link back to the Technorati BlogDay 2006 page.
  5. Link to the BlogDay website.

So, here are five blogs that I've run across recently that I think are worth your time (and that as far as I know haven't already been tagged for this):

  • Snapshot, a blog by Jennifer from Connecticut, is about parenting, cooking, religion, and children's books. I really enjoy the look of this blog (format, colors, beautiful setting off of quotes). I also like Jennifer's regular "Works for me Wednesday" features, in which she blogs about some practical tip or suggestion (this is apparently a wide-spread phenomenon, but Snapshot is the first place that I've encountered it).
  • I've been visiting it for a little while now, and I simply love Shannon Hale's blog, Squeetus. Shannon is the author of several young adult novels, including The Goose Girl, which I recently read and enjoyed. What I like about her blog is that she's a passionate advocate of kids being able to read what they want, and, consequently, enjoying what they read. She also gets lots of thoughtful comments on her posts, many from young adults.
  • Alan Silberberg, author of the middle grade novel Pond Scum, has come to blogging fairly recently. His blog, Adventures in Pond Scum, provides a window into the writing process, as well as occasional funny drawings. This blog makes me laugh.
  • Buried in the Slush Pile is the is the blog of "an overworked editor" living in Texas. It features tips for writers to make their contributions stand out from the others in the slush pile. There are also contests, and my personal favorite feature, the discussion question of the week (e.g. "How important do you think author websites/blogs are?"). It's fun and useful.
  • OK, this one isn't new exactly, but Louise from Students for Literacy Ottawa is back publishing after a summer hiatus, and I would like to call this blog to your attention. Louise, along with a team of other occasional contributors, blogs about children's books, with a particular emphasis on literacy news. She also does an excellent job of keeping up on interesting stories from around the kidlitosphere.

Of course there are many other blogs that I enjoy and visit on a regular basis. If you read my Sunday Afternoon Visits posts you can get a pretty good idea of which are my long-term favorite blogs. Thanks!