The Door Within: Wayne Thomas Batson
Saturday Afternoon Visits: August 26

The Edge of the Forest, August Issue

The Sixth Issue of the online journal of children's literature The Edge of the Forest is now available. The Edge of the Forest is the creation of editor Kelly Herold, of Big A little a fame, and includes contributions from many excellent bloggers and writers. Regular features include Blogging Writer (Melissa Wiley this month), Best of the Blogs, Kid Picks (absent this month, but with links to past columns), In the Backpack (featuring an interview with Betsy Bird this month), and lots and lots of great reviews. This month's issue also features Kelly's interview with author Linda Sue Park, and features by Pam Coughlan (MotherReader), Adrienne Furness (What Adrienne Thinks About That), and Allie (Bildungsroman/Slayground). While I didn't contribute directly this month, I was very pleased to see that some of my recent lists rated a mention.

So, if you're interested in children's books, and children's book writers, you should definitely head on over and check out the new issue of The Edge of the Forest. And if you're not interested in those things, you probably shouldn't be reading this post anyway. Happy Saturday!