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A Carnival, and a Bunch of Sidekicks

Poetry Friday: Shel Silverstein

This week I bring you a poem from Shel Silverstein's Falling Up, a book that my grandmother enjoyed late in her life, and that one one of my nieces likes, too.

"No Grown-Ups

No grown-ups allowed.
We're playin' a game,
And we don't need
"Be carefuls" or "don'ts."
No grown-ups allowed.
We're formin' a club,
And the secret oath
Must not be shown.
No grown-ups allowed.
We're goin' out for pizza——
No, no one but me and my crowd.
So just stay away.
Oh, now it's time to pay?
Grown-ups allowed."

I won't be able to do any sort of round-up this weekend, because I'll have guests in town, and we're going wine-tasting. But I refer you to Liz and Kelly. Have a great weekend!