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Storybook England

We all know that many wonderful children's books have been written in and set in England, from Beatrix Potter to Harry Potter, and from the Railway Children to Alex Rider, and everything in between. Today I discovered a very cool website called Storybook England. The site features an interactive map that shows you all of the places where scenes from children's books are set. It's so much fun! The map isn't all that detailed (in terms of including much information about the books), but it is very comprehensive (many books and series are included).

I learned about this site from an article in the Dorset Echo. The article quotes Visit Britain's marketing director on the site as saying: "Storybook England makes it easier for children, their families and friends to find the magical places that have fired the imagination of the greatest authors." Wouldn't it be an excellent vacation, to go and visit some of these sites?