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My Top Picks from 2005

So the other day I responded to MotherReader's call for book recommendations. She asked for top picks from 2006, so far, in various categories. I put my picks out there (though I'm sure that they'll change as I keep reading for the next 3 1/2 months).

But the thing is, I also enjoyed many books this year that were published in 2005. And in fact, I made a mistake on my original list and included a book from 2005, only to have to remove it when I realized my error. This, naturally, made the author sad. So I've decided to make a list of my top picks from the 2005 books that I read this year. Here they are, by age range:

Elementary School

Middle School

High School

As with my 2006 list, this list is highly subjective. And since I didn't start my blog until the end of 2005, I'm sure that there are books that I completely missed out on reading. But these are all books that stood out for me, out of the 2005 publications that I've read. I highly recommend them all. Happy reading!

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