Children's Literacy Round-Up: October 31
8th Carnival of Children's Literature: Halloween Edition

New and Improved Lemonade Stand

I wanted to bring to your attention the new and improved K&J Lemonade Stand: Cool stuff for the young at heart! Jason Kotecki is a cartoonist. He's also the author of the book Escape Adulthood, which I have recommended  previously for you adult readers of children's books. Kim and Jason have an entire company that's focused around staying young at heart, finding the fun in things (even when one is technically an adult), and generally experiencing joy. If these things sound good to you, I recommend that you visit their website. The new and improved Lemonade Stand features:

Their customer service is excellent. I promise you that if you order something from them, you'll be pleased with the product, and the company's service, when you receive it. I do get a small commission if you click through from this site and order something, but I would recommend The Lemonade Stand to you in any case. Kim and Jason offer fun stuff and a joyful philosophy, and they take customer service to a tremendous level.