Sunday Afternoon Visits: December 10
One Year Old!

Doreen Cronin Podcast at First Book

Katie B. from First Book (an excellent organization that gives new books to underprivileged children), sent me the following announcement:

"This is a special invitation to download a FREE podcast interview with bestselling children’s book author, Doreen Cronin! Doreen is the author of nine wonderful, bestselling picture books, including Duck for President; Diary of a Worm; Wiggle; and Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type, a Caldecott Honor Book.  This interview is made possible by Cheerios Spoonfuls of Stories, in celebration of their 5th year of getting award-winning books into kids’ hands. To listen to the interview, please go to the First Book blog

First Book is an award-winning international non-profit organization dedicated to providing new books to the most disadvantaged children in thousands of communities. First Book is reaching out to those who understand the power of great books to help us celebrate authors like Doreen who are making a difference in the lives of children.

We hope that you will listen in to the latest in the First Book podcast series. For more information about First Book, please visit our homepage at and our blog at"

As a fan of Doreen Cronin and of First Book, I suggest that you give this podcast a listen. Because I spend all day on the computer, I especially like Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type. Did you know that Doreen was a lawyer when she started writing kid's books? To me, this gives hope for those of us who are love children's books, but do other things full-time, that full-time immersion in thekidlitosphere could come our way.

Happy reading!