December Edge of the Forest
Cybils YA Fiction Shortlist is Complete

Taking Off for a Few Days

I'm getting ready to take a few days off from blogging for Christmas, but wanted to share some tidbits with you before I go.

  • The Cybils nominating committee members are hard at work coming up with their short lists in the various categories. I'm so impressed with the work of the Young Adult Fiction committee members (Sara, TadMack, Jackie, Little Willow, and Mindy), weeding their way through 80 titles, many long and challenging. I can't wait to see their final list!
  • Never one to shirk from asking big questions, MotherReader is inviting discussion about Kirby Larson's book Hattie Big Sky and ... God. I've included my comments over at MotherReader. I did love this book, and think that the discussion about the religious references in the book is interesting, and worth your time.
  • This just in this morning from Michele at Scholar's Blog: the title for the seventh Harry Potter book has been announced. JK Rowling (did you notice that she has the same initials as me?) announced that the book will be called Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Kind of makes the publication feel a bit closer, doesn't it, even though there's still no publication date.
  • And, though not directly related to children's literature, TadMack from Finding Wonderland pointed me to an interesting article. A research study has found that people with low self-esteem don't like reading mysteries where the ending is a surprise for them, while high self-esteem individual prefer a surprise ending. I must be pretty vain, because I love it when a book can surprise me.
  • The Ukiah Daily Journal has a nice article about educational gift ideas for kids of all ages. Among other things, they suggest books and magazine subscriptions, bookstore gift certificates, and visits to the local library.
  • The Daytona Beach News-Journal Online has an inspiring article about a local library's reading classes for babies, to promote life-long literacy.
  • Less inspiring is a report by Wendy at Blog from the Windowsill about a school library that doesn't allow kids to check out books above their "official reading level." Franki at A Year of Reading also weighs in on this topic (needless to say, not impressed by the policy).
  • But on a lighter note, Mary Lee from A Year of Reading has started a kidlitosphere trend of Elfing oneself. Perhaps too much eggnog was involved in this decision - I'm not sure.   
  • Gregory K has started a new list over at GottaBook: gifts you'd get your favorite kid lit characters. Like most things on Greg's blog, it's a riot. Head on over and add your ideas. My personal favorite from Greg's list: "Charlie Bucket -- good dental insurance". But there's lots of great stuff in the comments. People are so creative. I'm alas not so creative, but here are my thoughts: for Liesel, a library card; for Percy Jackson, a raincoat; for Duck and Goose, an ultrasound machine.
  • There's an interesting new blog named pixie stix kids pix that's worth checking out. Aside from the excellent name, it has a gorgeous format, lots of new reviews, and an insider perspective that comes from American Booksellers for Children executive director Kristen McLean. Thanks to A Fuse #8 Production for the link.
  • Finally, if you're ready to think ahead a bit, Kelly is taking nominations for the 10th Carnival of Children's Literature over at Big A little a. Nominations are due by January 15th, for posts from December or early January.   

That's all for now! I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas, if you celebrate Christmas, and a peaceful and book-filled weekend if you don't.