Quick Hits on a Tuesday Afternoon
Grist: Heather Waldorf

Hypothetical Question

So, you get home after being out for the afternoon, and you have a trunk full of groceries (including perishables). Before you bring them in from the car, you notice that your wonderful postman has left not one but two boxes from Amazon at your doorstep. Do you:

A) Put away the groceries first, so that they don't spoil;

B) Dig through the bags to find the perishable items, put those away, and then leave the rest so that you can open the boxes of books; or

C) Leave all of the groceries until you've checked out the books?

In my case, the answer is C. It's all a matter of having priorities. What would you do?

Between my library visit this afternoon, my two Amazon boxes, and a package today from Chronicle Books, I'm simply drowning in books. Today's new titles include:

As I'm already in the middle of Grist by Heather Waldorf (a review copy received previously from Red Deer Press), and enjoying it, all of the above titles will have to wait. Fortunately, I have a reading weekend coming up. For 2007, I wish you all plenty of books.

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