Children's Literacy Round-Up: January 8
Hypothetical Question

Quick Hits on a Tuesday Afternoon

Here are a few things that I've run across this week that I simply must share with you all right away:

  • I learned from LibraryAnne about a new board game that's sure to be a hit with book lovers. It's called LieBrary. And although, like Anne, I think that the name could be better, I do like the concept. It's like Balderdash, where you make up definitions for obscure words and people have to guess the right definition. In LieBrary, you are given the name and title of a book, and you make up a convincing first line. You get points if someone votes for your made-up line. The box, needless to say, looks like a book. This is now on my mental "I want" list.
  • I found this post by Kim (of Kim & Jason Lemonade Stand / Escape Adulthood) inspirational. Kim discusses the concept of retirement (in context of Brett Favre), and how unnecessary that can be when you're already doing something that you love. She proposes that people "make that long list of things you want to do when you retire and start doing them…today!" A worthy goal, I think.
  • If you were interested in that discussion of age ranges as they apply to middle school (not middle grade) kids, you may be interested in the Yahoo group (middle_school_lit) that Richie Partingon is putting together. Thanks to Mitali Perkins for the link.
  • OK, this doesn't have to do with books, but I thought it was funny (and true). Check out this list at FeatherBee of signs that you are living in 2007. My favorite is "You have a list of 15 phone numbers to reach your family of 3."
  • Also not related to books, for all you sports fans out there here's a post by Julius Lester about "why the emotional lives of so many people, including me, are tied to the fate of our favorite sports team." I liked that his example is the New England Patriots, but his conclusions certainly generalize.
  • There is a hilarious new contest in the works over at Lisa Yee's blog. She challenges you to change the first letter of one word of an existing book title to make it into something new and different. The results are highly entertaining so far, though I haven't had creative energy to think of something myself.
  • HipWriterMama, a new blog that I've recently discovered and quite enjoy, has what I think is a great post about identifying strong role models for girls in literature. Of course I'm a bit biased, because she references my Cool Girls list. But I think that many of you will enjoy her musings about why this is important (she has three young daughters), and why she chose the characters that she did. I know that MotherReader was pleased to see Junie B. Jones on the list. This post is the first of what HipWriterMama promises will be weekly lists (very ambitious!) so check back.
  • Colleen Mondor has a lot of great new review articles up. Liz B. has the summary at A Chair, A Fireplace, and A Tea Cozy.
  • There's a new Hot Man of Children's Literature over at A Fuse #8 Production. You'll have to click through to see who he is.   

And, on the Cybils front:

And now, I'm off to the library to volunteer, something I didn't have time for at all in December. Here's to life being a little less busy this year. Happy Tuesday!