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Sunday Afternoon Visits: January 21

The 10th Carnival of Children's Literature

Just in time for a quiet Saturday afternoon (if any of you are having one of those), Kelly has posted the 10th Carnival of Children's Literature over at Big A little a. The theme is mid-winter, with a collection of posts that Kelly hopes will bring a bit of sunshine into people's day. Categories include introspection, genre and categorization, "best of" lists and awards, regular book reviews, collections of themed book reviews, reading particular authors, aspects of certain books, authors, the creative process, and general fun and escapism. Wouldn't you love a Jeopardy show that featured some of those topics?

Has anyone else noticed how many amazing new blogs there are in the kidlitosphere these days? Well, if you haven't, you should definitely check out the Carnival for links to some "new to you" blogs. As for me, I'm having a bit of trouble keeping up with it all. My Google Reader account almost always taunts me with "100+ new posts", and I don't even include the blogs that I visit most regularly in that list. But it sure is fun trying to keep up! Happy Saturday! You can find links to previous carnivals here.