Mid-Week Visits: February 7
Bread and Roses, Too: Katherine Paterson

A Fun Valentine's Day Package

The other day I received an unexpected package in the mail from the most excellent Jennifer L. Holm. It contained an adorable stuffed toy Babymouse, and a bright pink, wrapped package with two copies of Babymouse: Heartbreaker. One copy was for me, and the other was inscribed for the library where I volunteer, the Santa Clara City Library. Both were signed by both Jenni and Matt. And there was a nice letter, too. How classy is that? Here's a picture:

Imgp2440_1 It's a bit small, but you get the idea. Yesterday I gave the library copy to one of the children's librarians, who was of course thrilled. She's hoping that we can get Jenni and/or Matt to visit the library someday. I think it's a bit out of their way, but I'll keep my fingers crossed.

So if I tell you that I love the book, will you think that I'm just giddy from receiving such a fun package? Yeah, probably... I'm going to wait, and review it in a few days. But in the meantime, I certainly remain a fan of Babymouse and the Holm siblings. Happy (early) Valentine's Day to all!