Children's Literacy Round-Up: February 26
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I'm Famous!

I've written before about Kim & Jason, and their Escape Adulthood mission. Jason Kotecki is a cartoonist, with a cartoon series focused around retaining one's childlike spirit and joy. He and his wife Kim started a whole company around their philosophy. From their website: "At it's core, Kim & Jason is all about helping grown-ups of all ages to Escape Adulthood, whether it's through a stress-reducing chuckle or a nostalgic reflection at a treasured childhood memory. But just as importantly, we are extremely passionate about making a difference in the lives of children as well."

As someone who goes around advocating that adults read more children's book, the Kim and Jason story naturally appealed to me. (We were actually introduced by Ian Ybarra of Ferrazzi Greenlight and the Never Eat Alone blog, who saw commonalities in what we were trying to do). Jason and Kim's strong passion for their mission is truly inspirational. And they are a lot of fun, too.

Therefore, I was pleased to be interviewed by Kim and Jason for their most recent podcast: Balancing Adulthood Responsibility and Childlike Fun. I'm a bit afraid to actually listen to it, because it will make me self-conscious (I'm not at all accustomed to listening to my own voice). But I did want to bring it to your attention. The three of us had a great chat about balancing a childlike passion with having a real day to day job. We could have talked for hour, I think. They also put me on the spot for some favorite books, a selection which I would probably change on any given other day, but I did mention some new and long-time favorites. Anyway, if you're into the podcast thing, or you want to know what I sound like in voice, not just in text, I hope that you'll check it out.

Oh, and I almost forgot the best part. They're having a contest, by which some lucky winner will receive a $20 gift certificate to the ever so fun Kim and Jason Lemonade Stand by telling them about your favorite children's book. Surely that's worth a try!   

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