Children's Literacy Round-Up: February 21
Notes from the Midnight Driver: Jordan Sonnenblick

Impact of the Cybils on Amazon Rankings

The day that the Cybils awards were announced, I issued a small plea for people to consider supporting the award by buying copies of the winning titles. The idea was for us, collectively, to show that an award given by bloggers could have an impact on sales rankings. And I am pleased to report back that we did have a tangible impact on sales, at least for some of the winning titles. It's very cool!

You can read all of the details here, at the Cybils site. The results are conveyed in beautiful and dramatic graphs prepared by Sheila Ruth, head of the Fantasy and Science Fiction committee and Amazon ranking guru.

Many many thanks to all of you who repeated my plea on your own blogs, and to all of you who showed your support by purchasing copies of our wonderful winning titles. I hope that the impact of the Cybils continues to be felt, through increased library circulation, and sales at independent bookstores throughout the English-speaking world. Thank you all so much! This response is heartwarming, and strong evidence of the power of the Kidlitosophere. I hope that you enjoy your Cybils award-winning titles.