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Mid-Week Visits: February 7

Usually I save round-up posts for the weekends, when I have more time. But there is so much great stuff going on this week, that I simply must bring it to your attention right now.

  • First of all, there is only one week left to wait for the announcement of the Cybils winners! Liz B. from Tea Cozy has an excellent article about the Cybils published today in School Library Journal. A fine companion piece to her article about the kidlitosphere from the other day, I think. You can also find a teaser over at the Cybils site about the status of the various groups, and a post about how to better spread the word about the awards, with suggestions in the comments. If you have thoughts about how to promote this award, head on over and give your feedback.
  • You'll also recall that I wrote the other day about maintaining a childlike spirit, even while working at a responsible adult job. Well, Alvina has a post at Blue Rose Girls about remembering your childhood and finding activities that bring you back there in spirit. And Grace Lin wants to have a party. Such a fun crowd, those Blue Rose Girls.
  • Meanwhile Whimsy Books reports on the Top 10 Hazards of Being an Obsessive Reader. Let's just say that I can relate. I also relate to her obsession with all things Stephenie Meyer (author of Twilight and New Moon), and enjoyed this detailed list of notes from a recent Stephenie Meyer talk. And can I just say that I totally picked up on the Pride and Prejudice vibe in the first book, as mentioned in my review.
  • I learned from Wendy at Blog from the Windowsill that it's Library Lover's Month. She urges people to celebrate by checking out books. I say, be nice to a librarian, or volunteer, or donate books, or all of those things. Libraries are a critical part of our communities, and we should be appreciating them year-round. It's no coincidence that the Foundation and Friends organization that I volunteer for has the url
  • In a tremendous show of modesty, MotherReader has declared this MotherReader Week. It must be true, because in addition to her interviews on the Cybils site and the 7-Imp site, her Blogger's Against Celebrity Authors plan was mentioned in the Orlando Sentinel Parenting Blog.
  • It's not too late to take part in the first Scholar's Blog Book Discussion Group. If you've read Susan Cooper's King of Shadows, head on over to the Scholar's Blog Spoiler Zone to put in your two cents. There's some great discussion going on.
  • And if you're thinking of becoming a writer, check out Kirby Larson's thoughts on what people should ask themselves before answering the call to write children's books. Best sentence: "If you take up writing for children because you think it's easy, because you have a message to send or because your grandchildren love your stories about Opie Oppossum whose tail doesn't curl, please do the world a favor and go on tour with Madonna instead." Kirby is the author of the Newbery Honor winning Hattie Big Sky.
  • And while we're talking about this year's Newbery Honor winners, please join me in congratulating Cynthia Lord for selling her second, third, and fourth books! Yay, Cindy!
  • And while we're still talking about Newbery Honor winners from this year, I received a lovely package from Jennifer Holm this week. I'll be posting a picture and details soon.
  • In case you haven't seen it yet, Overdue Media's Unshelved comic strip recently featured Kiki Strike! Thanks to Gail Gauthier for the link.
  • For a different take on literacy, check out Jess's post over at Frontline Books. She writes about how newer technologies (like html and videos and podcasts) affect our ability to read, and our pleasure from reading. You can see some of my thoughts in the comments. I met Jess at the BlogHer conference in San Jose last summer, and enjoy her academic perspective on the digital culture, and the role of women in said culture.

And that's enough for today. Whew! It's hard to keep up with all this Kidlitosphere activity.