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2007 Red Sox Schedule in Outlook

OK, this isn't book related, but I think that it's cool. I just paid $2 to Calendar Updates to download the 2007 Boston Red Sox schedule into my Outlook. I've used this service before, and found them quite reliable. (And no, I don't have any kind of commission arrangement with them - what percentage would I have to get for your $2 purchase to make that worthwhile?)

Each game shows up as an appointment, color-coded in red so that I can easily see them all. Now, the truth is that because there are so many games, they take up a lot of space, and I might have to delete the "less important" games later. But for now, it's fun to see all of the games on my calendar. We have Directv with the MLB Extra Innings package, so that we get nearly all of the games despite being in San Jose (and it's nice because there are very few late games out here). Monday is Opening Day!