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Quick Hits

When I finished my last round-up post at 10:30 on Sunday night, I was feeling reasonably caught up with the news in the Kidlitosphere. 14 hours later, there's more!

  • The Disco Mermaids have come up with what I really hope is the last word on the recent Newbery scrotumgate, with an entertaining new sticker called "The Newbery Jewels". Their creativity knows no bounds.
  • Jules and Eisha have posted the latest in their series of 7 Impossible Interviews Before Breakfast, featuring Susan Thomsen from Chicken Spaghetti. Susan was one of the very first people to reach out to me when I started my blog, and I'm so happy to see her getting her day in the sun. It's great to see a picture of her, too, after all this time. And, as always in the 7-Imp interviews, I learned interesting new things about the interviewee. I wonder, when they interview me (as already planned), will I learn new things about myself? Maybe so...
  • In sadder news, I learned this morning from Annette Simon that This Book is for All Kids... (which I mentioned yesterday) will be going out of print in June. Purchase it while you can!
  • Michele has published the reading schedule for the Scholar's Blog Book Discussion Group through November. She's allowing August and September for reading Harry Potter Book 7. I think that there will be a LOT of discussion about that one.
  • The latest Cybils interview is also up, this one featuring Laura Amy Schlitz, author of A Drowned Maiden's Hair: A Melodrama, interviewed by Betsy Bird and the members of the Cybils Middle Grade Fiction Judging Committee.

Happy Monday to all!