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13th Carnival of Children's Literature

Step right up! Don't be shy. I'm pleased to welcome you (just a couple of hours early) to the Thirteenth Carnival of Children's Literature. The children's literature carnivals were started by, and continue to be organized and promoted by, author and blogger Melissa Wiley. Susan Thomsen also wrote a very helpful introduction to blog carnivals at Chicken Spaghetti. And special thanks to Alkelda from Saints and Spinners for designing and sending me the following graphic:


As you can see below, blog carnivals highlight the tremendous diversity of the Kidlitosphere. Here we'll start with the kiddie rides/picture books, and move on to more sophisticated fare.

Kiddie Rides (Picture Book Reviews)

J0395987The Ferris Wheel (Middle Grade Reviews)

J0399332The Roller Coaster (Young Adult Reviews)

  • Kelly presents a review of Cecil Castellucci's upcoming graphic novel The Plain Janes at Big A little a, saying "I hope that The Plain Janes will put to rest the endless (and fruitless) debate about whether or not graphic novels can be or are as good as "regular books.""
  • Becky Laney presents a review of What My Girlfriend Doesn't Know by Sonya Sones at Becky's Book Reviews, calling the protagonist "an honest and vulnerable narrator whose voice resonates with readers.
  • Alyssa F. presents Review: Emma Vol. 1 at The Shady Glade, with a review of a historical graphic novel by Kaoru Mori. She notes that "It really reads more like literature than a graphic novel, and it presents a fairly accurate presentation of Victorian London."
  • Gina Ruiz presents a review of Feels Like Home by e. E. Charlton Trujillo at AmoxCalli, calling the story "an interesting and deeply engrossing one with a lot going on."
  • Michele reviews Catherine Webb's book The Obsidian Dagger: Being the Further Adventures of Horatio Lyle at Scholar's Blog, calling this sequel "a much darker book than "Horatio Lyle"."

J0400275The Merry-Go-Round (Booklists)

The Calliope (Poetry)

Performance Artists (posts about authors, including interviews and visits, and about writing)

Fried Dough, Cotton Candy, and Sno Cones (an assortment of KidLit-related fare)

J0384689The Midway (about Prizes and Awards)

And, last but definitely not least, the Entertainers (Humor)

  • Pam Coughlan presents The Dinner Preparation Theory posted at MotherReader. Here MotherReader quotes her daughters and their theory on the relationship between her mood and what she prepares for dinner.
  • Jay presents Penguin Pride! posted at The Disco Mermaids (Robin - Jay - Eve), saying "Being a Disco Mermaid is a lot of fun...unless you lose a bet. Robin and Eve dared me to spend a day in a penguin suit since I'm always telling them the virtues of being a Penguin author."

And that's enough fun and excitement for one day. I hope that you've enjoyed your stay at the 13th Carnival of Children's Literature. The next carnival will be held at Chicken Spaghetti on Monday, May 21. The deadline for submissions is Thursday,  May 17. The June carnival will be held at A Year of Reading. Be sure to tell your friends.