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Dystopian Book Challenge

I learned from Becky this week about a dystopian challenge issued a few weeks back by Lisa at Books. Lists. Life. Lisa has challenged herself to do the following reading:

  1. "Any 5 (for me, you can read more or less) books that fall into the "Scary New World" category. Interpret this as you like, but be prepared to defend questionable choices.
  2. They do not have to be books you've never read, but they should be books you haven't read in a long time. For example, I read Brave New World in 10th grade (1989), but will likely choose it again for this.
  3. The challenge begins now and ends November 6th.(I thought Nov. 4, 2008 would be appropriate, but decided that a year and a half might be a little long for this.) You may join at any point in the challenge."

As regular readers to this site will know, I'm addicted to dystopian books, so I was unable to resist this challenge. It's a bit tough for me because I've read so many of the books in the genre. But here is what I came up with:

  • Among the Free by Margaret Peterson Haddix (the last book that I have to read in this series).
  • Z is for Zachariah by Robert C. O'Brien (mentioned by several people in the comments of my earlier post, and a sad omission on my part).
  • The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood (a re-read). Interesting side note about this book: they filmed parts of it at Duke, where I went for undergrad, during my senior year.
  • Dies the Fire by S. M. Stirling (recommended by The Old Coot).
  • (Updated to add) Feed by M. T. Anderson (with thanks to Elaine Magliaro for the reminder)