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Ten Girls and Two Teachers Publish A Book

I thought that readers might be interested in this upcoming title, written by a group of fifth grade girls from East Harlem, and two of their dedicated teachers. It's called DEAL WITH IT! Powerful Words from Smart, Young Women. Here is a press release, written by two of the students. You can find other student-written press releases here.

Everyday Monday-Thursday ten fifth grade girls from different backgrounds came together with teachers from all over New York City from to write what is now DEAL WITH IT! Powerful Words from Smart, Young Women. The Extended Day Girls came to school 40 minutes earlier than their classmates to write many different pieces, such as memoirs, letters to friends, stories about sibling rivalry, and poems to describe where they’re from, to incorporate into DEAL WITH IT!

The Extended Day Girls worked hard on their writing pieces, which is now available for the world to read. None of the girls will get any money off of this endeavor (all money goes to their school’s visiting authors fund). All they want is to see their writing in the world so it can show kids what young girls can accomplish.

The girls have experienced so much not only as fifth graders, but as authors. The Extended Day Girls have grown together as friends and have become a family. Sharing their dreams, goals and stories among 12 of them; they were never scared to tell each other their life stories, which hold true pieces of their hearts.

Come see for yourself by coming to the Bank Street Bookstore located at 610 W. 112th Street in the Morningside Heights Section of Manhattan on Wednesday, June 20 at 5:00 p.m. The Extended Day Girls will be introducing their book by reading selections, holding a Q&A Session, and a book signing.

DEAL WITH IT! Powerful Words from Smart, Young Women is written by The Extended Day Girls with Stacey Shubitz and Christina L. Rodriguez. It will be sold at over 200 online retailers, including,, and

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