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Children's Literacy Round-Up: May 15

Thinking Bloggers

Fred Quattrone, who writes as Fred Charles, is one of my favorite non-kid-lit bloggers. He's blogged at various locations over the past couple of years, but now seems pretty settled at The Truth About Writing. Fred's a defender of bloggers calling themselves writers, and recently wrote about techniques for promoting your blog. All of this is a long introduction to the fact that Fred was kind enough to nominate me for a Thinking Blogger Award. He said (and I love this!) "If you have a child that loves books, you should check out her site." Thanks, Fred!

Now, the way this game is played, I'm supposed to nominate four blogs that make me think. It's not difficult to think of four, of course, but quite difficult to limit myself to four. It seems like most of the blogs that I visit must have already been nominated at some point. But because I don't have time right now to look each one up, and see if it's already been nominated, I'm just going to pick the first four that come to mind. All of these are blogs that frequently make me pause, in my skimming of blog posts, to ponder something:

  • Chasing Ray: Colleen makes me think about things like how and why I write book reviews, what benefits I derive from being part of the Kidlitosphere, and how to ensure that kids everywhere have access to libraries.
  • bookshelves of doom: Leila has a knack for reviewing books that I never would have run across, and making me feel like I MUST read them. Plus she keeps me informed about book banning / censorship issues.
  • A Year of Reading: Mary Lee and Franki write often about how to use books and read-aloud in the classroom, and how to increase literacy and enjoyment of books for kids. Subjects near and dear to my heart, from two teachers' perspective.
  • Robin Brande: Robin makes me think every week about what nice things I've done for myself (honorable mention to Jules and Eisha at 7-Imp, for also making me thinking about nice things every week). And she starts discussions about important topics like how to tell teen girls that it's ok NOT to go too far at prom.

Oh, there are so many more blogs that make me think. But those should give you a snapshot. For those nominated above, the rules say that if, and only if, you get tagged, you should write a post with links to 4 blogs that make you think (linking back to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme). However, if you've already been tagged for this, then just consider my mention a well-deserved compliment, requiring no further action.