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Do We KidLit Bloggers Rock, Or What?

This morning Amanda from A Patchwork of Books nominated me for a Rockin' Girl Blogger award, as shown below. Rockin_2

How cool is that? Amanda totally made my day. I especially liked that she said: "I have ordered a ton of books for the library based on her musings and my TBR pile has grown considerably thanks to her." I love to think that my reviews make a difference for people. That's really what made my day, though the "rockin' girl" thing is fun, too. And delightfully pink. Amanda clearly rocks herself (though she made me feel old when she said that 10 years ago she was babysitting and riding her bike around).

I didn't see any rules, but I'm sure that I'm supposed to identify other Rockin' Girl Bloggers. However, I simply can't limit this to a couple of people right now. My Summer Blog Blast Tour friends (chaired by the indomitable Colleen) rock. My Postergirlz and Readergirlz cohorts rock. And really, the whole Cybils team (especially our tireless leaders Kelly and Anne, and the still-active young adult fiction nominating committee), also rock. (Though a few of the Cybils participants are not "girl bloggers" of course.)  These people have all been unbelievably great to work with.

One other person who I'll mention specifically is Robin Brande, who rocks because she is hosting a party for kidlit bloggers. She recently started encouraging the bloggers and writers who visit her site to invite others. She wants to give us all a chance to meet each other, in a safe, friendly, non-exclusionary environment. So, if you can swing a trip to Chicago on October 6th, you can attend the party. I'll be there. I've already purchased a plane ticket.

So, all of you rockin' bloggers (you don't have to be 'girls', though many of you are female), I hope that I'll have a chance to meet you at Robin's party. But even if you can't make it, if you're here reading this post, and wanting to come, or you know that I read your blog, then you rock, too. Happy Thursday! And thanks again to Amanda.