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Books Now Available: Puss in Boots and A Monster Cat

Two books that I reviewed from ARC have just been released today.

  • Into the Wild by Sarah Beth Durst. (My review). Sarah's excited thoughts on the release of her first novel can be found here. She says that publication day "is the day that I have been waiting for and working toward for literally my entire life." She also recounts the moment when she decided to become a writer. It's a lovely, giddy, window into one writer's long-time dream fulfilled. 
  • A Girl, A Boy, and a Monster Cat by Gail Gauthier. (My review). Today only, you can win a free copy of the book. Details are available at Gail's website. And, for a different perspective on release day, read about what Gail is doing today. She says "by the time a book is actually published, a writer ought to have moved on to something else. This one ought to, anyway." Oh, the difference between first book and seventh.

Hat tip to Liz B. from Tea Cozy for inspiring me to do a better job of notifying people when the books that I've reviewed are released.