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Children's Literacy Round-Up: June 19

I only ran across a couple of literacy and children's book-related articles this week (in addition to my other posts about the RIF Multicultural Literacy Campaign, and Denise Hamilton's article about luring reluctant boy readers).

  • The Loma Colorado Library recently had a magician named Mysto perform as part of their summer reading program. According to an article in The Rio Rancho Observer, "There was a theme to Mysto's magical mayhem, however, as this show was tailored to encourage children to use the library, including one illusion that resulted in Sesame Street's Cookie Monster receiving his own library card." How cool is that?
  • The Sallie Mae Fund was honored as 'Donor of the Month' by Reading is Fundamental, according to a recent press release. "Since 2001, The Sallie Mae Fund has provided more than 100,000 books and thousands of volunteer hours through RIF's National Book Program." Given the amount of student loan interest that we've paid to Sallie Mae in my household, I'm pretty sure that we helped buy RIF a lot of books. Which is some consolation.
  • has made a variety of resources available through their website, with a goal of helping parents to keep kids learning through the summer. According to their press release, "The materials, developed by some of the nation's leading education and literacy organizations, contain age-appropriate reading and writing activities, and use a variety of other resources, including children's television shows and hit songs, to creatively connect with children." Which sounds like it has potential.

Happy reading!