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Some Administrative Notes

I just wanted to mention a couple of blog-related things to you all.

  1. If you comment on this blog, you may have noticed that I've started requiring "catchpa", where you have to copy a series of letters and numbers from a graphic before your comment will be accepted. I find this annoying as a commenter, but spammers have made it necessary. Since I turned this on, comment spam has markedly decreased. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  2. You may have noticed that at the end of all of my reviews, I've been including bibliographic information about the book (publisher, age range, etc.). A friend who uses this blog to find book suggestions for his two children asked if I could make a change, to move the information to the top of the review. That way he could see at a glance if the review would be relevant for him, and not have to spend time reading reviews of books that weren't of direct interest. I'm all about saving people time, and I thought that this was an excellent suggestion. Since some of the bibliographic information is more detailed, I decided to leave that at the end. Therefore, I've started splitting the reference information about the book into two sections. Author, title, number of pages, and age range at the top, publisher, publication date, source of books, and links to other reviews at the bottom. Please let me know if you think that there would be a better way to organize this information, or if you think that this works. I especially want the reviews to be helpful to parents, librarians, and teachers who are looking for book ideas for kids.
  3. There's a link going around by which you can have the content of your blog rated, following the standard movie ratings. For anyone concerned about such things, Jen Robinson's Book Page was rated PG. It probably would have been rated G, except for some references to "dangerous", and one reference to "death". That dratted Dangerous Book for Boys!

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