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Summer Goals Meme

I've been tagged by Anne from Book Buds and by Robin Brande for the Summer Goals Meme. I think that it started out as a challenge from Mentor Texts to list 10-15 professional goals for the summer, but people like Nancy and Michele started mixing in personal goals, too. For me, personal, professional, and blog-related goals are all competing for the same mental space. I'm at my best friend's house right now, but I'm working on my blog, and thinking about whether I can squeeze in time to respond to some work emails before I go to see other friends. But anyway, here are my personal and blog-related goals, with one work goal thrown in.

  1. Catch up on review books (read all of the ones in the stack, review as appropriate).
  2. Spend more time supporting readergirlz (to whom I owe a set of recommended titles for possible fall reading).
  3. Organize the book lists on my blog in more detail, to better help parents find recommended books for kids of specific age ranges.
  4. Update my cool girls and cool boys lists with new suggestions and characters from books from the past year.
  5. Walk at least an hour every day, and generally get in better shape. I've neglected my walking since I started my blog, and I miss it.
  6. Re-read Harry Potter 1 to 6, before reading Harry Potter 7.
  7. Consolidate my various websites into a single account (not so much the blog, but my GrowingBookworms site, my work bibliography site, and a domain that I bought for Mheir.
  8. Select and train an assistant for work. Long-term, this may help me to have more time for blog-related goals, though in the short term I have more than enough work to keep busy full time, even with an assistant.
  9. Do a better job of enjoying vacation and personal time, without having a meltdown over the work and blog projects that aren't getting done. I have trips with Mheir, a trip with college friends, and a trip for my brother's graduation, and I'd like to actually enjoy them. But I'm terrible about not being able to relax when I keep seeing emails and tasks come in. It's something that I need to work on short and long term.
  10. Take steps towards one day becoming the National Ambassador for Young People's Literature. OK, this is a bit of a stretch goal, in that I'm not a published author in any way. But it's good to dream big, right?

In a step towards item 9, I will not be doing a Sunday Visits post this week, or tagging anyone else for this meme. I've decided not to do the work email today, either. I'll be traveling tomorrow, and back with you on Tuesday. Happy summer!

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