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The Extended Day Girls on TV!

A while back I wrote about 10 fifth grade girls from East Harlem who, with two of their teachers, wrote a book. DEAL WITH IT! Powerful Words from Smart, Young Women contains real-life stories about the girls' lives, and is now available from Amazon and other outlets. The story of these girls who came to school 40 minutes early every day to write has captured people's imagination.

Today's news is that CBS invited two of the authors to appear on Up to the Minute. You can see the video here, in which "Stacey Shubitz and Amanda Sevilla discuss their book "Deal With It!" and the challenges children face today." I thought that student Amanda was remarkably poised. And Stacey, one of the two teachers involved, simply radiated both concern for and pride in her students. Please click through. The video is well worth watching, and I expect great things from the Extended Day Girls in the future.