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Books Now Available: The Penguins of Doom

Greg Fishbone's first novel, The Penguins of Doom is scheduled for release today. I reviewed it from an ARC on June 10th. Here was the conclusion of my review of this middle grade novel:

The sketches are highly entertaining, and give the book a hint of a graphic novel feel. Although the main character is a girl, the sketches and diagrams, not to mention many of the events, feel boy-friendly, too. I think that Penguins of Doom will please boys and girls or all ages, nine and up.

Incidentally, it's no coincidence that the release date is 7/7/7. Sevens feature prominently in this book about a seventh child.

Updated to add: There has been a slight production delay with the book, and it isn't quite available yet. See Greg Fishbone's post on the subject, with thanks to Sheila from Wands and Worlds.