Children's Literacy Round-Up: July 17
It Is Finished

Quick Hits on a Sunny Afternoon

I didn't include many links in my Sunday Visits post this weekend, because I was tied up with personal things. And now that it's the week, I'm pretty well tied up with work things. I can't tell you how I long for more time to read, and review, and comment! Or at least time to read. Hopefully I'll get my life more under control ... eventually. Meanwhile, I wanted to take a minute to share a few things that I've been saving up:

  • I participated in the first Bookworms Carnival, published yesterday at The Hidden Side of a Leaf. I'm not wild about the auto-content links that are included in the carnival - I find them distracting and not useful. But it is still a nice gathering place for people interested in reading about books.
  • There's also a Picture Book Carnival coming up at Mentor Texts. The deadline is July 31st. Thanks to Susan from Chicken Spaghetti for the link.
  • I found this post at Oz and Ends interesting. It's about the questionable inclusion of The Lightning Thief in a listing of books about and for people with Asperger's Syndrome. While I think that it's great to have people drumming up support for the Percy Jackson series, it's pretty clear that Percy, already living with ADHD and dyslexia, does not have Asperger's also.
  • Laura Salas has a nice post at Wordy Girls about relaxing. I think this one caught my eye because I've been so stressed out lately. Head on over and share with Laura how you escape.
  • Jess shares a list, developed by Mack Collier, of 8 Ways to Grow Your Blog. I think that it's an excellent set of reminders, and that the most critical part is this closing suggestion: "The best way to grow your blog's readership is to shift your focus to satisfying your readers' wants and needs." Common sense, but an excellent reminder.
  • I don't come even close to having time to read all of the Harry Potter articles out there, let alone share them with you, but I did enjoy this post by Colleen Mondor in defense of those of us reading Rowling's books (or whatever other books we choose).

That's all for now. My availability is going to be patchy for the next couple of weeks, but I'll check in as often as I can. Thanks!