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Children's Literacy Round-Up: July 23

Sunday Afternoon Visits: July 22

As I've already mentioned, I stayed away from the Internet during the later part of this week, once that sleazy early review of HP7 came out in the New York Times. And I'm sure that I wasn't alone in neglecting the web in favor of reading this weekend. I can't tell you how nice it felt to just read, read, and read some more, all day yesterday. But now, I'm ready to catch up, and have a few things to share with you.

  • I enjoyed this post by Rick Riordan in which he addresses the question of whether or not Percy Jackson is the next Harry Potter (he says no), and whether the Harry Potter books will have a lasting positive effect on reading habits (he says yes). I'm with him on taking an optimistic view of the latter.
  • The Disco Mermaids have released the first of a planned series of posts in which they talk to actual teens about what readers want and expect from young adult fiction. As you would expect from The Disco Mermaids, the first post is highly entertaining, while making some excellent points. I was a bit surprised to see how completely these four girls, who are clearly readers, dismissed the library, but I loved their comments about books that try to teach a lesson. Definitely some food for thought for your YA writers.
  • For more about writing, check out Judith Ridge's post at The New Misrule Blog, in which she asks readers "how do you define "voice" in narrative fiction?" There are several responses in the comments.
  • Inspired by an interview she saw of Nancy Pearl and Dana Gioia, Robin Brande asks readers whether "we, as adults, should be steering young readers to only the award-winning, widely-acclaimed books, or is it more important (as Mr. Gioia said) that the reader feel passionate about the book he or she chooses?" I fall decisively into the "read what you enjoy" camp, as do the many commenters on the post.
  • It's not up yet, but the next Carnival of Children's Literature will be posted tomorrow at Saints and Spinners. Alkelda's theme is "The Play's the Thing". It's sure to provide lots of excellent reading to start the week. UPDATE 7/23: The carnival is now available. It's well worth checking out.

And that's all for now. I think a lot of people have been away from their blogs this weekend, either to avoid spoilers, or because they are reading, and all is quiet.