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Sunday Afternoon Visits: July 1

TV Recommendation: Jericho

This is a bit off-topic from children's books, but I'm going to join Liz Burns from Tea Cozy in making a plea for all of you to watch Jericho when it comes back on TV. CBS ran one series of this post-apocalypse drama, about a small Kansas town that survives after a mysterious nuclear attack takes out most of the major cities in the US.

Jericho drew a passionate, but small, following. The following being too small, CBS pulled the plug after season 1. They left the show with a tremendous cliffhanger and many unanswered questions. In response to an outpouring of complaints by fans, CBS has decided to air a mini-season next year, and expand if enough people watch. They'll be re-broadcasting the entire first season starting on July 6th, to give people a chance to get caught up on the show (it's one of those complex dramas that you have to watch from the beginning to appreciate). You can find more details here (thanks to Liz for the link). 

Jericho is a great show. Suspenseful, tackling big-picture and small-picture questions about what people would do in the aftermath of a natural disaster (a bit like Life As We Knew It, but for an adult audience, and focused on a whole town). There is certainly some violence, but family relationships are explored, too. And many of the actors are wonderful, especially Skeet Ulrich as Jake Green, and Lennie James as Robert Hawkins.

So, consider adding Jericho to your watch list for this summer, if you haven't seen it before. And stay tuned for news of the mini-season 2. Thanks!