Children's Literacy Round-Up: August 28
Under the Radar: The Green Sky Trilogy

Recommendations from Under the Radar: Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 of Recommendations from Under the Radar. Today's features include:

  • A Chair, A Fireplace & A Tea Cozy: The President's Daughter series by Ellen Emerson White
  • Big A, little a: The Tide Knot by Helen Dunsmore
  • Jen Robinson's Book Page: The Zilpha Keatley Snyder Green Sky trilogy
  • Bildungsroman: Innocence by Jane Mendelsohn: A Discussion Part 1
  • Chasing Ray: Innocence by Jane Mendelsohn: A Discussion Part 2
  • lectitans: Innocence by Jane Mendelsohn: A Discussion Part 3
  • Finding Wonderland: The House on Hound Hill by Maggie Prince
  • Miss Erin: The Reb & Redcoats and Enemy Brothers, both by Constance Savery
  • Bookshelves of Doom: Harry Sue by Sue Stauffacher
  • Interactive Reader: Shake Down the Stars by Frances Donnelly
  • Chicken Spaghetti: Pooja Makhijani guest blogs with Romina's Rangoli by Malathi Michelle Iyengar
  • Writing & Ruminating: Dear Mr. Rosenwald by Carole Weatherford
  • Shaken & Stirred: Elizabeth Knox and the Dreamhunter Duet

Radar_2 You can find the full schedule here and a post from Colleen Mondor about the philosophy behind this whole undertaking here.