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Adultitis Antidote: Children's Books

Adultitis_antidoteI learned today that my blog has been declared an Adultitis Antidote Blog Winner by Kim and Jason of Escape Adulthood fame. According to Jason and Kim:

"When it comes to the blogosphere, an Adultitis Antidote is a blog exhibiting a childlike spirit that helps counteract the effects of Adultitis by using honesty, curiosity, passion and playfulness to encourage its readers to delight in the little things, dream big, and stress less."

About my blog they said:

"Not only does she encourage the love of books for kids, but Jen also promotes the continued reading of children’s books by adults!"

Which makes this a great time to link back up to my Why You Should Read Children's Books as an Adult. I'm repeating my top 10 reasons here, but there's lots of other background in the original post.

Top 10 Reasons for Reading Children's Books as an Adult

  1. It's fun.
  2. It keeps your imagination active.
  3. It strengthens your relationship with the children in your life who read.
  4. It sets an example for the children in your life, making them more likely to become readers.
  5. It clues you in on cultural references that you may have missed (both current and classical).
  6. It's fast. Children's books are usually shorter than adult books, so if you don't think you have time to read, you DO have time to read children's books.
  7. It allows you to read across genres. Children's books aren't limited to mystery OR science fiction OR fantasy OR literary fiction. They can have it all.
  8. It's like time travel - it's an easy way to remember the child that you once were, when you first read a book.
  9. It's often inspirational - reading about heroes and bravery and loyalty makes you want to be a better person. And couldn't we all do with some of that?
  10. Did I mention that it's fun?

Actually, I have one more reason (which seems ok, since 1 and 10 above are the same):

  1. Reading children's books as an adult gives you the chance to participate in the amazing kid lit blogosphere (the Kidlitosphere), and discuss books with many wonderful people.

Many, many thanks to Kim and Jason for making my week. Also, be sure to check out their other two 2007 adultitis antidote winners:

  • Make it Great! | Phil Gerbyshak’s infectious and cheerful mission is to help you unleash the greatness within!
  • Success from the Nest | Tony D. Clark is helping the dreamers out there who are — or want to be — working from home.

I've added them both to my blogroll. Wishing you all a weekend filled with childlike joy and wonder. And may Jason and Kim be successful in their quest to make the world a happier place.

This post is (c) 2007 by Jennifer Robinson. All rights reserved.