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Sunday Afternoon Visits: September 16

"Could You? Would You?" Questions

Jules and Eisha have started a contest at 7-Imp this week, inspired by questions from Australian illustrator Trudy White. If you answer the following questions, you could (courtesy of Kane/Miller Book Publishers) win a copy of Trudy's book: Could You? Would You? Even though I'm drowning in picture books, I like the questions, so I decided to play.

How would someone find you in a crowd? I don't think that I stand out much in a crowed, but I am likely to be wearing a Boston Red Sox shirt. Or maybe a New England Patriots shirt. 

If your house had a secret room, what would be in there? Books, books, and more books. And a comfortable couch to lie on to read them. Next to the couch would be a big box of Swiss chocolate. And in the corner, a wine refrigerator, filled with excellent red wines. I could hide out in this room for a long time.

Where do you like to walk from your house? There's not much of interest within walking distance of my house. Probably the best thing is being able to walk to Blockbuster.

How will you change as you grow up? I'll probably continue to become ever more introverted. But I'll get better at knowing what I need to do to protect my recharge time.

What sort of animal would you like to be? None. I prefer to stay a person. Even as a kid, being an animal never interested me much. Animals can't read books.

If you'd like to play, post your own answers to these questions. And leave a note at 7-Imp.