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Following Up on the Introvert Discussion

I've had some good feedback to the Self Care for Introverts post that I wrote on Thursday (and which was inspired by a post at Shrinking Violet Promotions), and it's led to some other interesting discussion. Monica Edinger commented with a link to an Atlantic Monthly article by Jonathan Rauch on this same topic. The article was actually new to Shrinking Violet Promotions, and they wrote about it and found a follow-on interview with Jonathan Rauch titled Introverts of the World Unite.

The Rauch articles are both excellent - I kept nodding my head as I was reading, and eventually printed them both out to share. I feel like this whole discussion is making clear something that I've struggled with for my whole life.

Alkelda from Saints and Spinners also took up this topic and wrote about her own experiences as an introvert who goes in front of audiences to do musical storytelling. She talks about her "camouflage techniques for coping in an extroverted world".

Rauch says about introversion: "it's not a choice. It's not a lifestyle. It's an orientation." I find this liberating. And some of you, who love books and particularly enjoy interacting via blogs and the Internet, might find it liberating too.

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